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– Young designer Marcie De Santos shares her motivating journeyBy Rehana AhamadWhen she’s not brainstorming, sewing, or attending events all across the world,China Jerseys Cheap, Marcie De Santos has to find the time cook, clean, wash and care for two young children as well as her husband.Marcie De Santos, designer and mother of twoShe describes her life as being hectic, but with the support of her mother, and her very helpful spouse,Wholesale Jerseys China, De Santos says that following her dreams is made easier.The 32-year-old woman admitted that in some cases, she would feel extremely guilty for sometimes not having enough time to spend with her family.“When I have to travel to these international shows, I have to go and leave my two girls, even when they have school. Their education is very important, and I am not always there to teach them things and help with school stuff, so that makes me feel especially guilty for having to go and leave them. But thankfully, I have my mother and husband.”De Santos recalled one instance when she was in China for a reputable Fashion Fair. She had to stay there for two weeks, and pointed out that it was not the easiest thing she has ever done.“I had really missed my husband and my little girls. One is age three, and the other is age five. It was hard, and I missed them all the time.”The woman explained that the most difficult aspect was returning home only to bid her husband farewell as he headed off to South Africa on a month-long emergency business trip.“It truly was very hard for both of us, not being able to be together for such a long period, so these are some of our daily challenges,Cheap Jerseys 2018, but we manage,” a smiling De Santos reflected.She boasted that in addition to providing moral support and tremendous encouragement, her husband would also cook, clean, and do the laundry and the dishes. “…especially when I’m not in the country, but he usually does it and I am very thankful,” De Santos added.She explained that the backing of her loved ones is especially important at this point in her life, since she is preparing to showcase her talent at one of the most prestigious events in the world of style – the New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014.The former L’ Aventure Secondary School teacher was selected to participate in the fashion week scheduled for February 6 to 13 at the Helen Mills Theatre, New York.This is one of the world’s premier fashion weeks along with those of Paris, Milan and London. The upcoming event will see reputable designers from all across the globe showcasing their pieces. These include Michael Costello, winner of the 2012 Project Runway All Stars and Leanne Marshall, a Project Runway Contestant.De Santos believes that the invitation to Guyana represents a monumental achievement for the local fashion industry, especially with the exposure to the international markets and other key stakeholders.Colour blending is a passion reflected in De Santos’ creationsThe former West Demerara Secondary School student has been working tirelessly to take the New York runways by storm. She expressed confidence that she will be able to make a positive impact and showcase her homeland in an attractive way.Determined to fulfil her aim, De Santos says that sleepless nights are starting to kick in. That’s when a strong cup of coffee and the help of her husband become motivation for her to “reach for the stars”.The designer explained that as a result of her experiences, she strongly believes that the key to success in the demanding industry of fashion is having a supportive family.“They are people who love you, want to see you succeed; people who would assist you fulfilling your responsibilities in the home, or who would excuse you from those responsibilities just so that you can direct your energy and focus on climbing the ladder of success.”With the help of such people, Marcie De Santos has come a far way. Reflecting on her journey, De Santos said that she officially started her career in designing about five years ago.She said that growing up in Canal No 1 Polder “during the days when children were only children,” she had lots of friends and would usually go fishing, climb fruit trees, do ‘bush cook’, play cricket, marbles, hop scotch and lots of other outdoor games.However, even with school and all the aforementioned extracurricular activities, De Santos said that a day did not pass without her dressing up her dolls.“I loved to play ‘dolly house’ and I loved my dolls. I had many of them…those were the good times,” she reminisced.After she outgrew the days of dressing up dolls, De Santos said that she started to create fabric-painted designs on T-shirts. And after many months of doing so, the young lady discovered her talent during her brief tenure as a teacher at the L’Aventure Secondary in Canal No. 1.“With many of my afternoons free, I decided to learn how to sew. I bought a sewing machine and engaged the services of my seamstress,” De Santos explained.She recalled that during that time, being in her 20s, creating exciting and colourful pieces became a hobby, and since her friends were no less than glamorous,Hombre/Mujer Nike Air VaporMax 97  Silver Bullet  AJ7291-002, they did not hesitate to take full advantage of De Santos’ pastime.“I even started making pieces for the friends of my friends, so it was very exciting,” De Santos giggled.She said that her pastime soon became an item paraded on a regional stage – the Miss Jamzone International Pageant.“The swimwear piece I had done was for one of my former students, and all the while I was receiving very encouraging feedback.”Later, in 2008, De Santos said that she was given the opportunity by popular fashion designer, Sonia Noel, to participate in that year’s Guyana Fashion Weekend, where she presented her first collection which saw her being adjudged ‘most promising designer.’“Since then I have had the privilege of participating in several fashion weeks and fashion events across the region including the US Virgin Islands, Barbados, Tobago, and Antigua, culminating my recent participation in the Dominicana Moda 2013 (DM 2013) in the Dominican Republic. I was very honoured to have been selected by the Caribbean Export Development Agency to represent Guyana at that event which is labelled as the fastest growing fashion week in Latin America.”De Santos was prompt in admitting that she has never had any direct schooling in the area of fashion. However,Discount NFL Jerseys, she pointed out that she was able to complete a course at the Burrowes School of Art.“This was a great help in refining my use of colours when making my pieces. I love colours and textures and these inspire my designs. I love doing unusual colour combinations.”The former University of Guyana student believes that fashion is wearing clothing that compliments one’s physique and complexion while ensuring that what they wear is in trend and is “age- and occasion-appropriate”.She believes that most importantly, fashion is a statement, because “the way a person dresses, usually speaks volumes of who they are”.Commenting on what fashion means to her as a person, De Santos said that over the years, fashion has been the one thing (besides her family), to give her a sense of accomplishment.“Fashion motivates me and drives me; it satisfies my inner creative being and provides an outlet for my creative ability.”Today, as a relatively seasoned designer, De Santos has been named Treasurer of the Guyana Fashion Design Council (GFDC).The mother of two has her own line which focuses on cotton and linen garments, enhanced by unique and exquisite fabric painting. She prides herself in the uniqueness of the colour blends that she uses. Her target is mainly women whose desire it is to exude femininity in unique, exuberant, eye-catching styles.Her latest line ‘Evolution,’ debuted at the Tobago Fashion Week 2013.As an Executive Member of the GFDC, De Santos is aimed at doing her best in order to significantly move the local fashion industry forward.“At the end of the day, if you are a family person and you want to succeed in this industry, you have to have the full support of your loved ones; their love, patience, and like I said,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, people who help you with your responsibilities towards the home,” she reiterated.