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– Timehri North residents“We are not prepared to move unless there is proper compensation. No property evaluation was done for the 2,Cheap Air Max 720 China,400 plus residents living in the area. Government is provoking a stand-off and a possible civil disruption.”These sentiments were expressed by Chairman of the Timehri North Community Development Council,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Daniel Fraser during a press conference at the Sidewalk Café yesterday,Jerseys NBA China,These statements came in the wake of Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn’s assertion that more than 400 house lots at Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway are being considered to relocate families “squatting” in Timehri North on the East Bank of Demerara.Alliance for Change Chairman Nigel Hughes at the press conference said that the residents are not squatters and the government had regularized the area by assigning house lots. He also stressed that the Guyana Water Incorporated and Guyana Power Light Inc. and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company provide services to the populace based on legitimate reasons.(from right) AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, Chairman of the Timehri North Community Development Council Daniel Fraser, PRO Sherlanda Daniels and Secretary Sheila Quinton.“The allocation of a house lot without a building, without any compensation for the loss of the structure, without compensation for the loss of crops, without compensation for economic activity, would be in breach of the Constitution and would violate the laws of the land,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,” Hughes said.“The extension of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport does not require the removal of these persons,Air Max Pas Cher Belgique, because as far as we are aware there is no plan to remove the prison, which is actually closer to the existing runway area.”“Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana says, ‘no property of any description shall compulsorily be taken possession of, or no interest in or right over any property of any description shall be compulsorily acquired, except by or under authority of a written law, and where a provision applying to that taken possession of,Camo China NFL Jerseys, or acquisition is made by a written law requiring the prompt payment of adequate compensation.”He explained that if the government wants to acquire the lots, it would have to adequately compensate residents with fair market value.According to Fraser, residents of the area have not been consulted in even the most marginal manner.Adding that in the media it was noted that Ministers of Public Works and Housing proclaimed that a Multi Stakeholders Committee would have been established for incorporated representatives of the affected community (Timehri North) to discuss and implement the relocation procedure, Fraser said this was not done again.“…a regular with the government when it deals with citizens of the Afro Guyanese ethnicity…we are forced to conclude and decide that we are presumptuously and ethnically being marginalized and singled out by the contemptuous behaviour of the Government and the PPP/C.”Public Relations Officer of the council, Sherlanda Daniels, said she clearly recalled during a corruption debate on television, the Minister of Housing stating that the government received five applications for airport hotels.“Why should I remove for another person to be placed there on a plot of land that the government told me to go ahead and make my investment. Now you are going to tell 2,400 residents we (government) are grading you down… And they never said to us that we are stopping development.”

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