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The Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) was yesterday closed to traffic for two hours (13:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs) to simultaneously allow the passage of ocean vessels and maintenance works on two special connecting posts.The bridge comprises 61 special connecting posts. The two posts that were changed are positioned at junction 38 and 39, located on the southern carriageway at the western end of the structure.Two special connecting posts being changed at junction 38-39 on the DHB According to Arun Richard, Maintenance Engineer, the southern carriageway of the bridge is considered the pay load lane since vehicles traversing that section are always heavier. This is because cargo comprising building materials including sand and stone are transported to West Demerara, Region Three.He noted that inspections are carried out daily on the super structure (where vehicles traverse) and the sub-structure (beneath the bridge including pontoons). Findings from the inspections decide how regular special operations are executed in addition to the everyday maintenance works.The maintenance and operations of the DHB are heavily subsidised by Government. From 2007 to date, while the bridge spent $1.3B on the maintenance and operation of the bridge, Government provided approximately $2.7B.Trucks traversing the bridge contribute the least revenue while their impact is greatest to the structure. Although,Cheap NFL Gear, scheduled maintenance works are executed daily and vehicle weight scales are placed at both the eastern and western ends of the bridge, the structure is affected by the trucks,China NFL Jerseys, says Rawlston Adams General Manager.He indicated that with the expanding housing establishments in the Region Three district there has been an increase in the number of trucks and other vehicles traversing the bridge.Adams noted that during the recent Engineering Conference experts were pondering on alternative paths for the trucks to transport cargo to Region Three. He noted that since sand is one of the main cargo transported it was suggested that a trail be used from Timehri to Region Three.However,Cheap China Jerseys, some experts noted that it would be better to have an additional lane to the bridge since a double lane system is utilised in the morning during peak hours to facilitate the heavy flow of traffic. There is also a heavy buildup of traffic in the afternoon.While experts and engineers are pondering on how to extend the life of the bridge and provide smooth flow of traffic,Mens/Womens Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet  Heiress  Black/Metallic Gold-White 852625-651, many commuters want a new bridge. They argue that the bridge is old and rehabilitation and maintenance cannot sustain the structure and accommodate the increasing number of vehicles.In October 2008,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, President Bharrat Jagdeo called the state of the bridge almost criminal.The DHB was commissioned on July 2, 1978. The floating structure is 6,Wholesale Shoes From China Free Shipping,074 feet (1,851 m). When the structure was commissioned its initial lifespan was 10 years.

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