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-Says it’s a farmer to miller problem not a farmer to govt. issue By Kiana Wilburg President David Granger believes that the protest over the last few weeks by rice farmers against the non-payment for their rice is misplaced.Speaking at a press conference, the President said, “My information is that farmers sell their paddy to the millersPresidentDavid Grangerand the millers produce rice which they try to sell to the market. So it is a private arrangement— farmer to the miller and then to the market. It is not a government arrangement.”Granger said that there are problems within the rice community which are not to be blamed on the government. He said that the rice sector is largely a private enterprise.The Head of State continued, “I met the President of Senegal (Macky Sall) and I am looking for markets for rice. I said that the main focus of Guyana’s Foreign Affairs ministry is economic diplomacy.“I want to sell rice,Discount NFL Jerseys, I want to sell rum, I want to sell plantain chips, and I want to sell stuff. But as far as this protest is concerned it is misplaced.”The President said that the paddy farmers should be protesting against the people who owe them their money. He emphasized that there are elements instigating protests to create the illusion that the coalition government is at fault.The President insisted that he wants the industry to survive and prosper. He concluded that if one were to examine the internal dynamics of the industry, it would be clear that it is a “farmer to miller problem” and not a “farmer to government” matter.Angry farmers and representatives of the Rice Producers’ Association have been taking to the streets since early last month claiming that the current administration has failed to honour promises made to them.They contended that $23 Billion would have been allocated to pay over 7000 rice farmers. In one case, more than 400 farmers protested in front the Ministry of Agriculture in Georgetown.There were also farmers in another instance from Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice, who protested in front the Regional Democratic Council’s Office Region Six,Seconda Maglia Juve 2018/19, for promises that were made to them by the newly appointed Region Six Executive Officer,Maillot Coupe Du Monde 2018 2 Etoiles, Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya.According to an RPA representative,Maillot Psg 2018/19 Pas Cher, outreaches were conducted with farmers across Berbice. The farmers said that things are not as they should be since they are faced with a lot of difficulties, such as low prices for their paddy.Some of the farm roads are not being prepared and fixed as promised on the campaign trail by the current administration, they contended.One rice farmer had said, “Farmers protested countrywide and nobody came out and talk to us at the Ministry. Then we get to hear that the Minister gone on 21 days’ leave. The man wuk two month and get three week leave, so we don’t know what going on.”“One of them who get big position now,Jerseys Wholesale, who promised the farmers $6000 per bag of paddy,Cheap Air Max 90 Australia, hiding from the farmers.”Another irate farmer also said, “I am pretty disappointed about the promises made by this government when they were in opposition, especially to the rice farmers, wooing them to vote for them.“The people believed them and the people who voted for them? That is irrelevant now. But what is relevant now is the reality, that they are in office today and we want to see those promises that were made to the people come to fruition.Region Six Chairman, David Armogan, he had said, “What they (the rice farmers) are saying to me is that quite a lot of them voted for the coalition, and that the coalition promised $5000 and $6000 per bag of paddy…“Ramayya who has now been appointed the REO did promise them on television that he is going to see to it that they get $6000 per bag of paddy.”“He was the one who made the promise; you can’t make empty promises, fool the people, get them to vote for you and then turn your back on them, that’s irresponsible behaviour.”But the electoral count showed that the farmers did not vote for the coalition; they did not vote for the promised increase.

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