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作者: yueyrt1IiG    時間: 2017-10-26 20:44     標題: Cheap Soccer Jerseys China but instead

A senior official from the Childcare Protection Agency (CPA) said yesterday that they have launched an investigation into the death of 11- year-old C.V. Nunes Primary School student, Shivan Singh.The young Reliance Housing Scheme resident was scheduled to write the recently held National Grade Six Examination, but instead,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, had to be hospitalized after she reportedly ingested a poisonous substance that subsequently caused her death.Head of the Childcare Protection Agency, Ann Greene said that as normal,, routine investigations have already commenced to determine the situation under which the young girl was living and moreover, the circumstances under which she died.Green said that Probation Officers have already been assigned to the case and they are examining the situation. Greene also said that the police are also looking into the incident to ascertain whether there are any criminal angles that should be pursued.Reports are that the girl reportedly took her own life because she was fearful of writing the Common Entrance Examination.Greene said that she is aware of the situation but is awaiting in-depth feedback from the assigned officers.Meanwhile,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, relatives of the young girl said that they are at a loss as to why the girl took her life.Singh died around 21:00 hours on Monday while receiving treatment at the Suddie Public Hospital, one day after she allegedly consumed the poison at her father’s residence.According to Singh’s grandfather,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, it was not until the girl started to froth at the mouth that they realized that she had consumed poison.There are reports that the girl told her father that one of her teachers deducted marks from her report causing her to fail her test and this led to taunts from other pupils.Further reports are that Singh’s father had reportedly told her to concentrate on revising her school work in preparation of the exam,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, instead of viewing the television.Singh had lived with her father,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, grandfather and older brother. The girl’s mother separated from the father some time ago.

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