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Asks Michael Benjamin Brian and Tom were unquestionably the sharpest, cleverest students in their intake at a certain University. These two were never required to study for examinations; they were just naturally gifted. And so it was that the night before a physics examination the two academics decided to go on a drinking binge instead of burning the lamp.Somehow, the pair over-indulged and was unable to rise for the early morning examination. When they eventually came to, they joined heads to concoct a plan to influence the professor to allow them to write the exam at a later date. They dreaded the thought because this particular professor had earned a reputation of being inflexible.The following morning they approached the professor and informed him that while driving along the highway their car sustained a punctured tire and by the time they had it fixed the hours had elapsed.Imagine their surprise when the ‘hardcore’ administrator affirmed to their request and set a new date for the supplementary test.They both arrived on time for the exam and were informed that they would be unsupervised but would have had to utilize rooms on different floors. The examination consisted of two questions only.The two students stared at the first and could not believe their eyes, “What is H2O?” This question carried twenty five percent of the marks. Chuckling to themselves they both wrote ‘water.’ They both turned the next page and stared in horror at the next question. It carried the other seventy five percent of the marks,Cheap Nike Shoes From China, “Which wheel was punctured?”The first lesson I learnt at Sunday School is that the truth always prevails. You can kick it; slam it into a wall; stomp on it;” it always returns as rounded as when it was first assaulted. Yet amidst this reality many persons will attempt a white lie rather than endure punishment for some folly or the other.A few days ago I met a female friend and she was very frantic. Upon investigation I learnt that her teenaged daughter had disappeared into thin air and despite her (the mother) most valiant efforts she could not procure a clue of where her daughter might be. The distraught mother remained adamant that her offspring was abducted and might be facing grave danger even as she related the incident to me.She then observed that I was hardly infected by her sorrow. “Can’t you imagine what I am going through?” she asked, almost incredulously.I then explained to her that I not only understood her frame of mind but I also believed that her anxiety and sorrow were premature. I advised her to lodge a report with the police and then allow them to pursue the matter. “I would not be surprised if all was well and this situation unfolds to be more of a ‘storm in a teacup.”Several days later we spoke again and the woman explained to me that her daughter had merely eloped with a man of her choice and that she had returned on her own volition. “All’s well that ends well,Air Max a Vendre En Belgique,” she philosophised. I shook my head in resignation.All was certainly not well but unfortunately that parent either failed to recognise it or did recognise it but was reluctant to admit it, even to herself.I was 28 years old when my wife conceived my daughter. By then I was an experienced, mature man, prepared and willing to make the necessary sacrifices towards my offspring’s development.In other words I realised that it was time to ‘take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.’ In other words, I willingly relinquished certain attitudes and behaviours that were distinct to childhood,Baseball Jerseys Nike From China, paving the way for my children to enjoy those things.The recent episode of two teenage girls who were reportedly kidnapped and later released by their abductors is baffling. Their disappearance triggered public concern and debate and many were questioning whether persons of a certain ilk were on the loose.Parents began to worry about the safety of their children. Investigators dispatched scarce human resources to find the missing girls. Then just as suddenly as they had disappeared the young ladies appeared with a ‘logical’ explanation.Somehow,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, they had managed to secrete a cell phone that these abductors failed to detect; somehow. Days after their disappearance,Nike Air Max Suomi, that instrument still had enough power to make a call to inform of their miraculous escape. It also had enough power to allow them to conduct a lengthy conversation.I may be wrong but it seems as though the case is closed. Were I the investigating detective I would have placed both young ladies in different rooms and attempt to solicit a blow by blow account of what transpired and as in the case of the professor and my two academic friends, place a high premium on certain questions.We are living in perilous times when no one can be trusted. Not so long ago one had to be wary of the movements of their daughters but these days even little boys are just as exposed to certain dangers that in the past were dismissed as inconsequential.A family member of the affected females wants the abduction to be fully investigated. Naturally,Wholesale Jerseys China Shop, he is thankful that the girls are alive.Likewise, I am assured that every law abiding citizen would experience similar desires since such calamities could visit anyone at anytime and should be immediately addressed. In the meantime, parents may do well to keep a strict check on their daughters as they appear to be much more susceptible to such mishaps.Their goings and comings must by synchronized by the clock so that when the instrument chimes twelve you can say with surety where your children are-especially the girls.